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Event takes place on July 26, 2018 at 6:15 PM until 9:00 PM
Sue Ellen Panitch River Access Center 8 Oscar Street Holyoke, MA 01040

Conservation Commission

July 26, 2018

Sue Ellen Panitch River Access Center at Jones Ferry

8 Oscar Street

6:15 PM

1.New Business

A) Ratification of Enforcement Order

  • Recipient: Benz Holdings, LLC and Positronic Farms, LLC
  • Location: 5 Appleton Street
  • Description: Enforcement Order issued to compel recipients to restore Connecticut River bank after release of water resulted in scouring of Connecticut River bank. 

B) Extension of Order of Conditions

  • Applicant: Massachusetts Department of Transportation
  • Location: 1-91 Right-of-Way in the vicinity of Longfellow Road
  • Description: Request to extend DEP 186-0252 for a period of five years

C) Notice of Intent 

  • Applicant: Holyoke Department of Public Works 
  • Representative: Jacqueline Davis, HDR 
  • Location: Dwight/Heritage/Front Streets 1st Level Canal 
  • Description: Streetscape improvements, sewer separation and construction of new point-source discharge for stormwater separated from the sewer system. 

D) Request for Determination of Applicability

  • Applicant: Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation
  • Representative: Carlos Nieto, Berkshire Design 
  • Location: Holyoke Heritage State Park
  • Description: Improvements to walkways, play surfaces and landscaping found in Holyoke Heritage State Park in areas within 100’ of the 1st Level Canal.

E) Pre-consultation

  • Representative: Rob Levesque, RLA Associations
  • Location: Log Cabin/Mt. Joe to Go
  • Description: Pre-consultation sought to obtain input from the Commission on a proposed Dunkin’ drive-through off of Route 141 at 500 Easthampton Road 

F)Request for Determination of Applicability

  • Applicant: Kestrel Trust
  • Representative: Mark Walmsey 
  • Location: Edna Williams Estate, Route 141 (212-00-001)
  • Description: Request to confirm a) whether the area depicted on a map of a 55-acre property located on Easthampton Road is subject to the Wetlands Protection Act; b) whether boundaries of resource areas depicted on maps for a parcel of land located on Easthampton Road are accurately depicted; c) whether the area depicted on a plan for a parcel on Easthampton Road is subject to the Holyoke Wetlands Ordinance. 

2. Other Business

  • Notice of Community Preservation Committee funding application meeting July 31st at 6:00 PM at the Holyoke Senior Center, 291 Pine Street

3. Adjourn

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