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Event takes place on December 14, 2017 at 6:15 PM until 8:00 PM
20 Korean Veterans' Plaza, City Hall Annex, Room #403

Conservation Commission

City of Holyoke


20 Korean Veterans’ Plaza

Room #403

6:15 PM


  1. Returning Commission Business 


Notice of Intent: DEP 186-0265 [Eligible Commissioners are: J. Horan, A. Ryan Duffy, M. Dodge, M. Moriarty, B. Bowler)


Applicant: Mountain View Baptist Church

Representative: Michael Gagnon, Milone & MacBroom

Location: 310 Apremont Highway 

Description: Construction of an addition on the south side of an existing building located at 310 Apremont Highway (MBP 81-00-078A); as well as this addition’s associated infrastructure.  Proposed development will require work within the buffer zone of regulated resource ares found on-site, specifically vegetated wetlands.  Construction of a subsurface septic system is located within the 100 Buffer Zone of a Vegetated Wetland.



  1. Other Commission Business


  1. A) Vista pruning of McNulty Park 
  2. Holiday Gathering – Planning for small, informal meeting to celebrate the seasons.
  3. C) New Member Status – Need to recruit a new Commission member
  4. D)CPA Plan Update – Status of review of proposals
  5. Budget Update – Discussion of FY18 budget
  6. Mountain Road – Brownfield Remediation Activity – Update – Public Meeting on 12/13/2017 @ 10:00 a.m. 



Items may be taken out of the order posted, as determined by the Chair and based upon the meeting management needs.

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