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Event takes place on October 19, 2017 at 6:15 PM until 9:30 PM
20 Korean Veterans' Plaza, Room #403, Holyoke, MA 01040

City of Holyoke


20 Korean Veterans’ Plaza

Room #403

6:15 PM


  1. New Commission Business

A) Request for Determination of Applicability

  • Applicant: Salvatore Scuderi
  • Representative: Mark Darnold, The Berkshire Design Group
  • Location: 5 Appleton Street
  • Description: Request filed by Salvatore Scuderi for the installation of a sewer line within the Riverfront Resource Area to facilitate the construction of an 8,000 s.f. single story building located at 5 Appleton Street  (MBP 049-00-006 ).
  1.  Returning Commission Business 

A) Notice of Intent: DEP 186-0265 [Eligible Commissioners are: J. Horan, A. Ryan Duffy, M. Dodge, M. Moriarty, B. Bowler)

Applicant: Mountain View Baptist Church

Representative: Michael Gagnon, Milone & MacBroom

Location: 310 Apremont Highway 

Description: Construction of an addition on the south side of an existing building located at 310 Apremont Highway (MBP 81-00-078A); as well as this addition’s associated infrastructure.  Proposed development will require work within the buffer zone of regulated resource ares found on-site, specifically vegetated wetlands.  Construction of a subsurface septic system is located within the 100 Buffer Zone of a Vegetated Wetland.


  1. Other Commission Business


  1. A) Discussion of Edna Williams Parcels and possibility of staff completing delineation
  2. Discussion of CPC Meetings Community Development Block Grant funds for development of a CPA plan. 
  3. C) Mountain Road – Brownfield Remediation Activity – RAM Plan Filed, Tier II Reclassification Filed 
  4. D) Lighting upgrades and 80X50 (example of climate action from New York City)
  5. Minutes – 9/28/17




Items may be taken out of the order posted, as determined by the Chair and based upon the meeting management needs.

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