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Event takes place on March 18, 2014 at 7:00 PM
City Council Chambers, City Hall, Holyoke, MA

1.    From City Clerk & Admin. Ass’t. to City Council minutes from previous City Council meeting on March 4, 2014

2.    From City Auditor, Brian G. Smith Monthly Budget Reports for the general fund and waste water treatment plant as of February 28, 2014

3.    From Heather G. Egan, City Solicitor, re:  Collective Bargaining Agreement with the DPW Supervisor’s Union

4.    From Heather G. Egan, City Solicitor re:  Collective Bargaining agreement with the professional supervisors association

5.    From Economic Development & Industrial Corporation letter re:  HEDIC to issue request for proposals to sell real estate for development

6.    From Office of Planning & Economic Development, letter re:  Issuance of RFP for Former Lynch School property

7.    From Board of Health minutes of Jan. 13 & Jan. 21, 2014

8.    From License Board Commission minutes from Dec. 11, 2013  & Jan. 8, 2014

9.    From Board of Fire Commission minutes from Jan. 9 & March 3, 2014

10.    From Holyoke Redevelopment Authority minutes from Sept. 12, & Dec. 18, 2013


11.    Petition of Joseph Harfoush of 288 W. Franklin St. to operate a livery license to be garaged at 395 Maple St.



12.    Ordinance Committee Reports (if any)

12A.    The Committee on Ordinance to whom was referred an order that additional handicap parking for the library be installed. There is concern that there is a need for more spaces than the ones currently provided in the parking lot recommend that the order be adopted

12B.    The Committee on Ordinance to whom was referred a Zone Change Petition from IG (General Industry) to IP (Industrial Park) for the land in Holyoke, Hampden County, Massachusetts identified by the City’s Assessors as Map 174 Block 00, Parcel 012, known formerly as Atlas Copco Recommend that the Zone Change Petition be denied

13.    Finance Committee Reports (if any)

14.    Public Safety Committee Reports (if any)

15.    Public Service Committee Reports (if any)

16.    Redevelopment Committee Reports (if any)

16A.    The Committee on Redevelopment to whom was referred an order that the Holyoke City Council approve the Community Development Block Grant Recommend that the grant be approved as amended

17.    Charter and Rules Committee Reports (if any)

17A.    The Committee on Charter and Rules to whom was referred an order to whom was referred an order that the City Council change the name of its redevelopment Committee to Development and Governmental Relations Recommend that the order be adopted

17B.    The Committee on Charter and Rules to whom was referred an order to whom was referred an order that the contents of all City Council subcommittee jackets be put on the City website and updated after each full body City Council meeting  Recommend that he order has been complied with

17C.    The Committee on Charter and Rules to whom was referred an order to whom was referred an order that the City Council adopt and or amend as necessary a rule to limit the amount of time that Councilors may speak on any one order  Recommend that the order be given leave to withdraw


18.    LEBRON-MARTINEZ    —    handicapped signs remove on 187 High Street in front of the Western Mass Consortium be replace as it was use for their disability populations and complaints and concerns have come from staff who are disabled and customers.

19.    LISI    —    Ordered, that the DH Salary Schedule be amended 1) to change the paygrade for the 2nd Assistant City Solicitor from DH 20 to DH 21; 2) to change the paygrade of Staff Attorney from DH 21 to DH 20; 3) to establish the paygrade of  DH 22 for the 1st Assistant City Solicitor.

20.    MCGEE_T    —    that in accordance with M.G.L. Chapter 44 Sec. 53A, the City Council hereby accepts the provisions of the “2014 SHANNON CSI” grant and authorizes the establishment of a Fund or other method appropriate for the accounting of the receipts and expenditures of all resources associated with the administration of said grant.

21.    MCGEE_T    —    That the Holyoke Housing Authority look into a parking sticker/permit program for Beaudoin Village area. By issuing parking stickers it may help with the parking space shortage issues in that area.

22.    MCGEE_T    —    That the Holyoke Housing Authority an legal department determine if any space near the Wyatt Harper Park can be used towards expanding the Holyoke Housing Authority Parking area. (Note: this order is not asking to use the Wyatt Harper Park area for parking)

23.    MCGEE_T    —    the residency requirement for the DPW Director be given an exception due to the fact that he has served the City for over 25 years and that the requirement has never been enforced

24.    MCGEE T    —    that there be and is hereby appropriated by transfer in the fiscal year 2014, Two Thousand & 00/100 Dollars ($2,000) as follows: (Bd. of Health)

*****-*****    General Fund Free Cash        $2,000
        TOTAL:    $2,000
15101-51203    Pay – Substitute Nurses        $2,000
        TOTAL:    $2,000

25.   MCGEE T    —    that there be and is hereby appropriated by transfer in the fiscal year 2014, Twenty Thousand Seven Hundred Eighty Three & 00/100 Dollars ($20,783) as follows: (Various)

*****-*****    General Fund Free Cash        $20,783
        TOTAL:    $20,783
—    Please refer to attached list.        $20,783
        TOTAL:    $20,783

26.    SOTO    —    Chief of the Fire department appear before the Council in order to provide an update on the volume of calls related to medical emergencies. Additionally, please provide details of the nature of each call and the response time for each call. Lastly , starting January 1,2013. to present, please provide all documents related to this order to the Council no less than one week before this order will be heard, so that the Council may prepare for the meeting.

27.    SOTO    —    Fire Chief provide copies of all members of the department 2013 vacation schedule, sick time, time off cards, also 2014 vacation schedule book

28.    SOTO    —    Fire Chief provide copies of the heating bills for all the fire stations for the months of November, December 2013 and January, February 2014.

29.    SOTO    —    the City Council is provided all documentation related to all city vehicles that city employees are allowed to use after said employees are no longer acting in the course of their official duties. Additionally, details why use of identified vehicles is necessary and in the best interest of the City of Holyoke.

30.    SOTO    —    the city engage a consultant/s that will review the department structure, responsibilities, and practices of all municipal departments and provide a cost analysis of other model services from comparable communities in the Commonwealth.

31.    SOTO    —    the City cease and desist the policy of allowing take home vehicles for municipal employees until the process can be adequately and thoroughly reviewed this should exclude vehicles used for public safety

32.    SOTO    —    all municipal vehicles have identifiable placards in addition to having a phone number where concerned residents can identify the vehicle and call with complaints.  This should exclude vehicles for public safety.

33.    TALLMAN    —    That the Holyoke City Council adopt the provisions of M.G.L c32 section 20A pertaining to the indemnification of members of municipal retirement boards.

34.    VACON    —    City employees taking a vehicle home outside of work hours pay a weekly fee for the use of a public vehicle.  This fee shall be no less than the cost incurred by the City for the use, insurance, gas etc. associated with the private use of the vehicle or $100.00 per week or as otherwise set by the City Council.  No employee shall be required to take a city owned vehicle home.

35.    BARTLEY    —    DPW remove temporary signs from the following locations:
a.    Senior Center (corner of Beech/Sargeant)
b.    Veterans’ Park  (corner of Maple/Dwight and Chestnut/Hampden)

36.    BARTLEY    —    That with Hobert’s no longer operating as a funeral
    VALENTIN        home, the City remove to preferred parking signs from
            in front of it’s doors on Linden and Suffolk Streets.

37.    BRESNAHAN    —    City of Holyoke’s vehicle that the Mayor uses shall have the City of Holyoke Seal located on the front drivers side and passenger side doors.  Also the vehicle shall be registered with plates designated “official” 

38.    JOURDAIN    —    City Council review all of the parking spaces on the deck behind city hall and create ordinances that assign at least 5 15-minute spaces to visitors and reserve additional spaces for all of the city hall employees who merit a space based on the frequency with which they travel to and from their offices

39.    JOURDAIN    —    Personnel Director please provide the Council with a copy of the city’s most recent GASB 34 report for the period ending 6/30/13.  That both he, the Treasurer and Auditor come in to the Finance Committee to discuss the report, the implications of it for city finances, as well as, what policy changes or other actions should we make to reduce this liability.

40.    JOURDAIN    —    Law Department please provide a legal opinion regarding
    BRESNAHAN        their interpretation of Sections 45 and 46 of the
            City Charter as it applies to city officials.  Please
            discuss the effects of this provision, as well as,
            how it applies and how it would need to be enforced
            and by whom

41.    JOURDAIN    —    Travel Policy 2-48 be amended to further specify no personal use of city owned vehicles, no operation of the vehicles by non-city employees, no occupancy of the vehicles by non-city employees unless it is incident to an authorized official use.  That we further explore the necessity of providing a city-owned vehicle to certain listed/non-listed personnel, as well as, consider if other non-vehicle means of reimbursement would be more appropriate.  Further that we consider providing other amendments to the ordinance sections related to city owned vehicles as necessary.

42.    JOURDAIN    —    Superintendent of Public Schools be invited to come before the Public Service Committee following his State of the Schools address for a round table discussion of his vision for the schools and to give the Councilors a forum to dialogue with him on issues related to the Holyoke schools and city.

43.    JOURDAIN    —    DPW please put a speed limit sign on Lower Westfield Rd on the hill going up to the Elks and Blueberry Hill

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