Charter & Rules Committee Meeting Text Size

Event takes place on August 26, 2014 at 6:30 PM
City Council Chambers, 536 Dwight St. Holyoke, MA 01040


1. (Jourdain (tabled? Mar/14)) Add Semiannual State Legislator’s Report to the Council Agenda)

2. (Alexander, Tabled 4/17/14) – that Rule 38 be changed to require a reduced number of votes to adopt an Ordinance

3. (Soto, Bresnahan, Vega (tabled from 4/17/14))- That the size of the city council be reduced

4. (Vacon, tabled from 4/17/14)- In the event of a vacancy, the council shall appoint the individual garnering the next-highest number of votes

5. (Jourdain (tabled Mar/14) Require a vote of the Council to authorize aquisition/disposition of real estate by the Holyoke Gas & Electric

6. (Vacon, tabled Mar/14) That no member of the City Council be permitted to hold any other elected office, local or state.

7. (McGee, etc, tabled for legal language 4/17/14) That language be adopted to create a specific exemption for the DPW Superintentand for Mr Fuqua


8. (Lisi, filed 8/21/13) That the Council seek a legal opinion on whether a council member may refuse to sign the jacket after voting in the affirmative in Committee

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