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Event takes place on April 23, 2014 at 10:00 AM until 11:00 AM
Holyoke Senior Center - 219 Pine Street

Mayor Alex Morse is pleased to invite the public, local media, and the Holyoke City Council to a public listening session regarding his upcoming budget proposal submitted to the members of the council.  As announced in his 2014 State of the City address, Mayor Morse has scheduled two public listening sessions in an effort to increase transparency and public involvement throughout the budget process. Once the budget has been submitted to the City Council, Mayor Morse will host several neighborhood budget meetings during the month of May to continue to discuss the budget process.  

“This process will allow taxpayers to voice their concerns and advocate for the resources they want to see funded in next year’s budget before it is presented to the City Council for recommendations,” Mayor Morse said. “I’m hopeful that these sessions will not only increase civic involvement, but also provide the public with a better understanding of the financial challenges that face our City.  This will ensure that our budget reflects the needs of all of Holyoke’s residents.”

Typically, the budget process requires Department Heads to submit their proposed requests to the Mayor who then meets with each to review, discuss, and make adjustments.  After calculating in external factors including state aid, local receipts, and property taxes, the Mayor submits a draft budget to the City Council.  This is the first opportunity that the public and Council have to review the Mayor’s proposal.  The City Council then has 45 days to make cuts and approve the new budget, which begins each year on July 1.

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