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In the City of Holyoke, a permit is required for street or sidewalk occupancy including: sidewalk sales, block parties, demonstrations, parades, road races, posting of signs, or for any projections onto or over a street or sidewalk. A road opening permit is required for any road excavations for a sewer line or water line connections or repairs. A homeowner or the homeowner’s contractor requires a permit to construct a new driveway or to repave, resurface or modify an existing driveway. In addition, a road opening permit is required for new driveway construction or for changes to an existing driveway.

Permits Required

  • Street/Sidewalk Occupancy Permit
  • Road Opening Permit (See Trench Permit)
  • Driveway Permit
  • Sewer Connection Permit
  • Trench Permit
  • Stormwater Permit

NOTE: All applications for permits can be obtained from the DPW at the Canal Street Office. You may call the Department of Public Works at 322-5645 for more information.

Permit Fees

Permit Fees Schedule (Link)

2018 Sanitary Sewer Entrance Fees (Link)

Stormwater Permit Application Fees for Large and Small Developments are listed on the Petition for Stormwater Permit Application Form. See Application Form Below.

Permit Applications

Driveway Permit Application (Link)

Sewer Connection Permit Application (Link)

Trench Permit Application (Link)

Stormwater Permit Application (Link)

  1. Stormwater Permit Application Checklist – Large Development (Link)
  2. Stormwater Permit Application Checklist – Small Development (Link)

Additional Construction Information for Owners and/or Contractors

Our goal is to provide you and your contractor with all the necessary information to perform your work in compliance with City Ordinance and City Standards and Regulations, as well as State and Federal Standards and Regulations where applicable. Please reference our Stormwater Information Page for additional information. If you have any questions, please give us a call. (413-322-5645)

    • City Driveway Standards (Link)
    • Excavation and Trench Safety (Link)
    • Excavation and Trenches FAQs (Link)
    • Grading and Soil Erosion Control Ordinance (Link)
    • Construction Activities and Stormwater Discharge (Link)
    • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (Link)
    • Stormwater Ordinance (Link)
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