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Document Types: City Council

Ordinance Minutes 12-8-20

Ordinance Meeting December 8, 2020   Meeting combined with the Holyoke Planning Board Members present: Chairwoman Rebecca Lisi, Vice Chair Juan Anderson-Burgos, Linda Vacon, Libby Hernandez, Terry Murphy Other councilors present: Joe McGiverin Chairwoman Lisi called the meeting to order at 6:40pm Chairwoman Lisi: noted that the administrative assistant created a google drive with orders … Continued

DGR Meeting 12-14-20

Members present: Chairman David Bartley, Vice Chairman Mike Sullivan, Peter Tallman, Gladys Lebron-Martinez, Howard Greaney Other councilors present: Joe McGiverin, Jim Leahy, Linda Vacon, Terry Murphy Chairman Bartley called the meeting to order at 6:30pm Chairman Bartley: stated that minutes from previous meeting are not available. Also noted that item 2 would stay on the … Continued

DGR Meeting 12-7-20

DGR Committee December 7, 2020   Chairman Bartley calling the meeting to order at 6:31pm. Other members present: Councilors Greaney, Sullivan, and Tallman. Other councilors present: Councilors Murphy, Vacon, and McGiverin. Councilor Tallman: motion to take item 2 off the table. All vote in favor. Chairman Bartley: Read 2: BARTLEY 8/4/20 – Ordered, that the … Continued

Public Service Committee 11-18-20

Public Service November 18, 2020   Chairman Leahy called the meeting to order at 6:02pm Leahy: clarified that councilor Murphy is standing in for another member. Described to candidates the process for interviews this evening, and then the full council at the next meeting.   Councilor Murphy: motion to take up Licensing Board appointment of … Continued

Finance Committee 11-23-20

Finance Committee November 23, 2020   Meeting called to order at 6:32 by Chairman McGiverin Members present: Councilor Bartley, Tallman, and Sullivan Other Councilors present: Councilors Murphy, Vacon, and Greaney Chair McGiverin: welcomed new administrative assistant to meeting, Jeffery Anderson-Burgos. Councilor Tallman: motion to take item 1 off of table, seconded by Councilor Bartley. All … Continued

Ordinance Committee 11-24-20

Ordinance Meeting November 24, 2020   Councilor Lisi, Chair of the committee, called meeting to order at 6:33pm Other members in attendance: Vice Chair Juan Anderson-Burgos, Linda Vacon, Terry Murphy. Also joined by Councilors David Bartley and Joe McGiverin.   Chair Lisi read Item 1: Special Permit Application, Registered Marijuana Retail Establishment for Abbey Property … Continued

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