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Tourism Advisory Committee


Office of Planning and Economic Development

The Holyoke Tourism Advisory Committee was created by adoption of the City Council on June 21, 2022.

Per the ordinance:

A Tourism Advisory Committee shall be established under the Office of Planning and Economic Development reporting to the Director. The Director shall be authorized to develop and issue by-laws to further the purposes of this ordinance.

Scope and purpose:

(a) To create and market a new brand for Holyoke.

(b) To initiate permit reform for events, public gatherings, beautification, and public art.

(c) To annually monitor and report the progress of tourism initiatives to the Mayor and to the City Council.

(d) To review infrastructure maintenance program and to support city beautification and cleanliness initiatives.

(e) To coordinate business communications and Holyoke tourism opportunities into one marketing effort.

(f) To establish and support signature destinations and districts such as Puerto Rican Cultural District on Main Street and The Canal District.

(g) To promote ecotourism and outdoor recreation.

(h) To make recommendations for a financial and human resource plan.

(i) To recommend annual updates to the Holyoke Tourism Strategic Plan.

(j) To update and revise the Holyoke Tourism Strategic Plan from time to time as the Commission finds necessary.

Composition of Committee

The initial Committee shall be comprised of one representative appointed annually by each of the following agencies which total seven (7) members:

(a) The Holyoke Local Cultural Council;
(b) The Greater Holyoke Chamber of Commerce;
(c) The Greater Springfield Convention & Visitors Bureau;
(d)The Holyoke Office of Planning and Economic Development;
(e) The Holyoke City Council;
(f) The Holyoke Historical Commission; and
(g) The Wistariahurst Museum.

The initial Committee may also, as additional members, nominate and recommend appointments to the Mayor a minimum of five (5) members and a maximum of eight (8) at large members, one of whom be a youth. The term of each additional member shall be a three (3) year term.

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