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Education. It's a key issue. Holyoke has a lot to be proud of in its efforts to educate her young. The first and major focus of the school system is on basics. A tough core of courses in English, Math, Science, and other fields insures educational competency. Passing grades in these courses are the City's "minimum standards" - without these, no diploma is awarded.

Discipline is another important component of a Holyoke education. The schools are safe, clean, and modern. Bilingual programs teach students needing assistance in both their native language and English.

Extra-curricular activities round out a student's education, and the local school system covers the whole range such as music or sports.

Holyoke also has strong non-traditional programs. Special education, vocational, and preschool programs are top on the list.

The results of the Holyoke school system speak for themselves. A good number of Holyoke High students take college courses at area colleges, and a large number continue on to higher education. Bilingual students are quickly and efficiently given the language and other skills they need to compete.

Holyoke is concerned with the continued education and advancement of our residents. 

Holyoke residents are proud of their schools, in particular of their ability to meet the diverse needs of a diverse population. As we move into the knowledge based economy of the 21st century, Holyoke is in the strong position of being able to adapt to new needs as they arise.  

For more information, please visit the Holyoke Public Schools Web site.

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Department Head

Dr. Stephen Zrike

Dr. Stephen Zrike

Superintendent of Schools

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57 Suffolk Street
Holyoke, MA 01040 Map

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(413) 534-2005

(413) 534-3730 (fax)


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Monday - Friday

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