Emergency Management

The mission of the Emergency Management Department is to develop, coordinate and lead the City's Emergency Management Program, enabling effective preparation for, and efficient response to, emergencies and disasters in order to save lives, reduce human suffering and reduce property loss.

We work with other departments and agencies to mitigate potential risks, and are prepared to respond as necessary to assist our emergency response personnel.


We work closely with local and state agencies to provide important information:


Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA)



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Emergencies and disasters






Western Mass Ready


Jeff Trask - Chairman


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Holyoke Local Emergency Planning Committee


The Holyoke Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) was formed in 1988 and in 1989 became one of the first fully certified LEPC’s in Massachusetts. The LEPC is required to collect data (Tier II Reports) on entities that use chemicals in Holyoke. The LEPC also provides a forum for City government, residents, and businesses to discuss safety issues with their peers and public safety officials. In recent years the LEPC has expanded its functions to become part of Holyoke’s Emergency Management Team and to get involved in planning for all emergencies, either natural or man-made.


The purpose of the LEPC is to:
• Develop and maintain the required local emergency response plan.
• Provide the public with an avenue for accurate community right to know information.
• Be an intermediary to the State Emergency Response Commission (SERC) for local emergency information.
• Provide resources to the community, industry, and emergency responders in the area of hazardous materials (HAZMAT) incidents and natural hazard mitigation planning and response.
• Planning of appropriate responses to incidents involving hazardous materials and natural disasters.
• Assisting industry and business in complying with hazardous materials regulations.
• Improving safety, health, and environmental conditions in the city and region so as to reduce the risk from HAZMAT incidents and natural disasters.


Contact Information:

Jeff Trask, Chairman

The Holyoke LEPC meets quarterly and is involved with training and emergency drills throughout the year. To learn more about the LEPC, please call (413) 533.7275

Department Head

Chief Jeffery Przekopowski

Chief Jeffery Przekopowski

Fire Chief

Contact Info

(413) 533-7275


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