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Community Preservation Act

The Community Preservation Act (CPA) is a Massachusetts law that establishes a local community preservation fund for open space protection, historic rehabilitation, affordable housing and outdoor recreation in the city of Holyoke. Approved by voters in 2016, funds for the program are generated through a surcharge of up to 3 percent on property tax bills (Holyoke voters adopted a 1.5% surcharge), and an annual disbursement from the statewide Community Preservation Trust Fund, which distributes funds each November to CPA communities. The program is led by the Community Preservation Act Committee (CPAC), a nine-member volunteer committee with the support of a staff member.

The CPAC has several important functions: to receive project requests, to evaluate community needs in the areas for which CPA funding can be used, and to make recommendations to the City Council for the use of CPA funds. CPA funds cannot be appropriated or spent without the recommendation of the CPAC and subsequent approval by the City Council. In the process of determining how CPA funds are to be used, the CPAC consults with various committees that are knowledgeable about each of the community preservation program areas, and holds public hearings to gathers input from Holyoke residents.

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Amy Landau - CPA Administrator

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The Community Preservation Act Committee meeting minutes are located on our Google Drive for anyone to view. They are in pdf format and may be downloaded. 


Please follow this link to access past meeting minutes.


Please visit our YouTube site to view past and present meetings. Remember to choose the Playlist: Community Preservation Committee.




CPA Committee Members and Staff

Kip Foley, Chair, Citizen-at-large (appointed)

Rosemary Arnold, Vice Chair, Conservation Commission Representative

Mike Falcetti, Housing Authority Commission Representative

Mimi Panitch, Planning Board Representative

Elaine Pluta, Treasurer, Citizen-at-large (appointed)

Meagan Magrath-Smith, Citizen-at-large (appointed)

Marco Crescentini, Historical Commission Representative

Mike Sullivan, City Councilor 

Israel Rivera, Parks & Recreation Commission Representative 

Amy Landau, Project Manager

Department Head

Amy Landau

Amy Landau

CPA Administrator

Office Address

City Hall 3rd floor, rm 6 536 Dwight Street Holyoke, MA 01040 Map

Contact Info

CPA Administrator



Office Hours

Wednesday 1-3pm
Call for appointment

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