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City Assessor


City Hall
Room 4

Who are we and what do we do?

The primary role of the Assessors is to locate, measure, list, and value all properties within the community. The Assessors are required to annually determine the full and fair cash value or 100% of the fair market value of all real estate. The Department of Revenue is responsible for reviewing assessments every three years, and that the assessors are complying with the statutes and that they do it fairly and equitably.

Assessors also provide a service to the community by providing access to property field cards, official tax maps, ownership information and property valuations. You can find this information through our online Property Viewer. The Assessors also has the responsibility of granting abatements of excise tax.

In addition, you may be entitled to an abatement of Motor Vehicle Excise Tax if you have disposed of a car or moved to another state. Motor vehicle abatements may be granted by providing proof of what happened to the vehicle (Bill of Sale, Junk Yard Receipt, Loss Letter Form Insurance) AND proof of what happened to the license plate (Plate Return Receipt, New Registration).

Additional Duties

  • Provide information to the Mayor, Board of Selectmen, Manager, and Councilors regarding growth, excess levy and classification of real property.
  • Provide data to all Municipal departments as requested
  • Provide the taxable property list for billing purposes
  • Maintain zoning and parcel maps on an annual basis showing changes regarding sub-divisions, lot spills, and lot line changes.
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