Curbside Refuse / Waste Collections


Weekly Collections

The Department of Public Works collects trash Monday through Friday.  If your collection day falls on a holiday your trash will be picked up the next day, and everyone else whose collection day follows the holiday will have their trash picked up one day later than usual, so that Friday’s trash will be picked up on Saturday for that week.

Holiday’s in Holyoke include: New Years Day, Martin Luther King’s Birthday (Monday), President’s Day (Monday), Patriot’s Day (Monday), Memorial Day (Monday), Independence Day, Labor Day (Monday), Columbus Day (Monday), Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.


Trash Bags

Did you know it is against City Ordinance to place trash at curbside unless it is placed in a 35-gallon residential rubbish container?

Per City Ordinance Article IV, Sec. 74-93. Refuse receptacles; bulk containers:

      (1) Residential rubbish receptacles will be watertight containers with tight fitting covers of metal or other durable rodent-proof material. Containers which are to be manually emptied will be no larger than 35 gallons, able to be lifted, when full, by one person, and have two intact handles.

      (2) Each container must be securely covered at all times during put-out. Containers must not be overloaded so that the lid will not fit securely.

Your compliance with this ordinance will help to prevent litter and keep our City clean.


Plastics Recycling Quick Reference Guide


Bulk Waste

Any person needing to dispose of home appliances such as refrigerators, televisions, large furniture such as a couch, chairs, mattresses or lawn machinery and other sizable material which may contain metal may bring them to the Department of Public Works Recycle Center at 63 Canal Street in Holyoke where the materials will be recycled.  Please be sure to bring your issued City Refuse Disposal Permit with you, as this card is required for you to use the transfer station.


Rubbish Containers

Trash shall be in containers no larger than 35 gallons, able to be lifted when full by one person, and have two intact handles. Each container must be securely covered and shall not be overloaded. In any given residential area, collection may not exceed twelve 35-gallon containers. The bags inside shall be securely tightened. It is up to the discretion of the Department of Public Works to decide what is suitable as garbage containers. Sec 74-93


Prohibited Materials / Unacceptable Waste

Under Contractual Obligations, the City of Holyoke’s Contract with COVANTA Energy dictates acceptable waste items we can collect from curbside refuse from residential homes. The contract also mandates what is unacceptable waste in accordance with Federal, State and local laws. The following information is provided for clarification.  It shall be unlawful for any person to dispose of or to place on or within refuse containers the following materials:

Painted or Stained Wood

Glass Containers

Recyclable Paper

Yard Waste

Lead Acid Batteries

Metal Containers

Narrow-neck Plastic Containers

White Goods (Appliances 

Cathode Ray Tubes 










Cesspool Waste

Shotgun Shells

Fuel, Kerosene, Gas & Wax

Human Waste

Animal Waste

Pathological Infectious Waste

Oil Sludge & Waste Oil

Combustible Dust (saw dust)   




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