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Urban Forestry Plan for Holyoke

In the Spring and Fall of 2014, the Holyoke Conservation Commission will facilitate the development of an Urban Forestry Plan for Downtown Holyoke.  The aim of this plan will be to chart a long-term and near-term course for reforesting the City’s core urban neighborhoods.  The Conservation Director will lead a team consisting of Westfield State University, the Holyoke Office of Planning and Economic Development, the Holyoke Department of Public Works and the Food and Fitness Partnership to accomplish this task.  Citizen participation is more than welcome as we develop this plan.  Please contact Andrew Smith at 413-322-5615 to sign-up and become a part of the greening of Downtown Holyoke.

As part of the ongoing planning process, the Conservation Commission has developed a preliminary map that identifies empty tree pits in downtown Holyoke.  This map is visible here:Empty Tree Pits


Preliminary Mapping Documents

Draft Priority Planting Plan for Holyoke’s Study Area


Draft Report

The Draft Urban Forestry Plan has been completed as of May 2, 2014.  The Public is invited to review and comment on the details of this plan.  A digital copy is posted below and a hard copy will be available for the public to review in the Conservation Commission’s offices.


***Draft*** Urban Forestry Plan


Please feel free to submit comments to me at smitha@holyoke.org before May 14, 2014; or in writing at the Commission’s mailing address: 20 Korean Vets’ Plaza, Room 412, Holyoke,MA.


Green Infrastructure

In the Spring of 2014, a team of Graduate Students from the Conway School of Landscape Design developed a policy and planning document that can be used to integrate green stormwater management techniques into Holyoke’s existing built environment.  Taken together, this is an exciting planning document that policymakers, professionals, and citizens can use to manage stormwater economically, enhance the beauty of the built environment, and prevent localized flooding.

A copy of this final document is available here: Green Streets Toolkit

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