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Free Trees for ALL Holyoke Residents

Through a partnership with the DCR Greening the Gateway Cities program, the city of Holyoke is still offering FREE TREES to all homes and businesses in 2020. Through on-site consultation with experienced urban foresters, participants can select tree species and appropriate locations all free of charge. Depending on your location, you may also be eligible to have your trees planted by trained professionals. Benefits of trees on your property include added beauty for your neighborhood, reduction in energy bills through cooling and wind speed reduction, and cleaner air for all.

Funding for this program has been renewed for the Spring/Fall 2020 planting season, but nursery stock is limited. Contact us today to make sure you get your free trees this year!

Contact Information

Sarah Greenleaf, Urban Forester, DCR Greening the Gateway Cities Program

Phone: 617-626-1473



Yoni Glogower, Director, Holyoke Department of Conservation and Sustainability

Phone: 413-322-5615



There are a variety of trees offered, ranging in size, shape, and other physical attributes. Our goal is to increase the biodiversity of our urban canopy while selecting species that are appropriate for each site.

When your trees mature, they can provide as much as 30-40% savings in summer cooling costs. Trees also add property value, create oxygen, clean the air, and have positive health impacts!

Absolutely yes! You can get permission from your landlord or put them in touch with us, and we’ll take things from there.

The DCR is only authorized to plant in a certain section of the city (shown on this map). However, properties in Holyoke outside this area are still eligible for free trees from our own municipal nursery that was established in 2015. Residents who accept free trees from the municipal nursery will be responsible for planting them on their own. Contact either of the names above and we will make sure to get you your trees one way or the other!

Yes! This program is supported by a combination of state and federal grant funding, so consultation and installation is done at zero cost to the property owner. Your only obligation is to make sure the trees get watered regularly for the first two years after planting.

The city of Holyoke and DCR are both carefully monitoring the situation as it develops, with ensuring safety for the community as a central guiding principle. In light of the spread of the virus and meeting restrictions now in place, we are processing tree requests at a slower rate than usual. However, if interested, you should still reach out to us now so that we can lock in your request and expedite the process once we are able.

Tree Planting Map

Tree Map

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