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City Council Orders February 2, 2021


TitleInitial StatusCommitteeCMTE Date 1CMTE Date 1 StatusCMTE Date 2CMTE Date 2 StatusFinal Status
1. Acting City Solicitor - regarding ordinance language creating a penalty for drivers handing out of windowReferredOrdinance3-23-21Received
 2. City Treasurer - Letter of resignation, effective 2-26-21ReceivedReceived 2-2-21
3. City Clerk & Admin Asst - City Council Minutes 1-19-21 AdoptedAdopted 2-2-21
4. City Clerk - Grant Election report and Extension approval letter.ReferredFinance
5. OPED - Final grant reportsReferredFinance
6. DGR - Memo from January 25th meeting regarding DCR 120-day notice wavier requestReferredDGR
7. CPC - Wistariahurst Repairs ProjectReceivedReceived 2-2-21
8. HPS -  list of 100 Top Paid Employees.ReferredFinance
9. UMass Amherst - final investigative report Alex Morse matter.ReferredCharter & Rules3-15-21TabledRevised report referred to committee 4-6-21
10. Ruth Bourquin & Jessica Lewis - Notice of obligation under the SJU decision in Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless.ReferredOrdinance3-23-21Received
11. Thomas J. O'Connor Animal Control - information on social media, disposition summary, adoptions. and Holyoke animal calls.ReferredDGR
12. CDBG/HOME - Programs public hearing and meeting of the Citizens Advisory Committee Notice.ReferredDGR
13. Canna Provisions Inc. - Special permit reporting, 380 Dwight StReceived
14. Board of Fire Commission - December 17, 2020 MinutesReceivedReceived 2-16-21
Late File A. City Auditor - General Fund & Sewer Enterprise Budget Reports, dated January 29, 2021.ReferredFinance

New Orders

TitleInitial StatusCommitteeCMTE Date 1CMTE Date 1 StatusCMTE Date 2CMTE Date 2 StatusFinal Status
22. LISI, ANDERSON-BURGOS, HERNANDEZ, LEBRON-MARTINEZ - A resolution opposing Comcast data capAdoptedAdopted 2-2-21
23. MCGEE -- An order for DPW to report on the city council chamber back room areaReferredPublic Safety2-10-21Tabled3-30-21Complied withAdopted 4-6-21
24. MCGEE -- An order for Personnel to post Treasurer position and Public Service to interview candidatesReferredPublic Service
25. MCGEE -- an order that city council hold an executive session to discuss legal casesAdoptedAdopted 2-2-21Executive session was held on 2-8-21
26. MCGIVERIN -- An order to transfer $7,114.60 from REFERENCE LIBRARY ASST. - NIGHT to REFERENCE LIBRARY ASSISTANTReferredFinance2-8-21ApprovedAdopted 2-16-21
27. MCGIVERIN -- An order to transfer $13,927.39 from LIBRARY ASSISTANT-NIGHT to LIBRARY ASSISTANT and REFERENCE LIBRARY ASSISTANTReferredFinance2-8-21ApprovedAdopted 2-16-21
28. MCGEE, LISI -- An order for the Mayor, schools officials, and the city finance team to discuss MSBA process and funding for middle school projectReferredJoint Committee3-17-21Complied withAdopted 4-6-21Resolution in support of pursuing MSBA process created and passed, forwarded to City Council for adoption on 4-6-21.
29. SULLIVAN -- An order that city council approve a CPC grant of $55,000 to Wisteriahurst Museum for electrical upgradesAdoptedAdopted 2-2-21
30. BARTLEY -- An order to remove Holyoke ordinance corresponding to M.G.L. chapter 85, Section 17AReferredOrdinance3-23-21ApprovedAdopted 4-6-21Referred to State Senator John Velis and State Rep Pat Duffy
Late File B. GREANEY, LEAHY -- An order for school officials to discuss top 100 salaries, raises, metrics for raises and salaries.ReferredJoint Committee3-17-21Complied withAdopted 4-6-21
Late File C. LISI -- An order to create a revolving fund for the municipal rideshare funding received through the Transportation Network CompanyReferredFinance2-8-21Adopted, referred to OrdinanceOrdinance a. 3-9-21, b. 3-23-21
c. 4-27-21
d. 5-11-21
e. 6-8-21
a.Tabled, b.Tabled
c. Tabled
d. Tabled
e. Approved
Adopted 6-15-21
Late File D. MCGEE -- An order to invite Jennifer Howard and DCR members to discuss Mt. TomReferredDGR
Late File E. VACON, GREANEY -- An order  for the auditor review accounts and find funds to transfer for snow removalReferredFinance2-8-21TabledCopied to the auditor
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