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Mayor Alex Morse calls on PVTA to Waive Fares for Remainder of Coronavirus

Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse is calling on the PVTA to extend their fare collection moratorium for the remainder of the Coronavirus crisis. The PVTA, which has been operating fare-free for two months, announced last week that they will be resuming fare collection beginning July 19th. “Resuming fare collection during the pandemic should be a last … Continued

Mayor Alex Morse Joins Mayors for a Guaranteed Income

Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse Joins Mayors for a Guaranteed Income An effort to realize Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s economic dream, the coalition will commit to advocacy in favor of cash-based policies, and explore guaranteed income programs in cities reaching more than 8 million American residents. Mayor Alex Morse is joining 15 other mayors … Continued

Statement From Mayor Alex Morse on Soldiers Home Report

  “I find little solace in the report commissioned by Governor Baker regarding the Holyoke Soldiers Home or even the subsequent press conference. While I generally concur with the findings, there is no amount of reporting, resignations, or renovations that will bring back the heroes we have lost. We know today what those responsible for caring … Continued

Mayor Alex Morse Responds to Planned Hospital Closures

The Following Statement from Mayor Alex Morse is in response to the recently announced planned closures of the Holyoke Medical Center Birthing Unit and the Providence Hospital Inpatient Psychiatric Facility.  Hospital Closures Demonstrate Broken Healthcare System and Government Failures The recently announced closures of Providence Hospital’s Inpatient Psychiatric Services and Holyoke Medical Center’s Birthing Unit … Continued

Mayor Morse Remarks on Situation at Soldiers Home

  “It has been devastating to hear about the full extent of the COVID-19 outbreak at the Soldiers’ Home. While I am grateful that the State is now taking swift action to ensure residents and staff get necessary care and treatment, I am grief-stricken for those we have already lost, and my heart goes out … Continued

Mayor Alex Morse Announces the use of Community Development Block Grant Program to Support Community Efforts

Mayor Alex Morse Announces the use of Community Development Block Grant Program to Support Community Efforts PROVIDES ADDITIONAL FUNDING TO SOCIAL SERVICE AGENCIES, RENTAL PROPERTY OWNERS WHO PROVIDE STABLE HOUSING TO LOW-INCOME RESIDENTS    To meet the increased community needs during the COVID-19 Emergency, Mayor Alex Morse and the Holyoke Office for Community Development are … Continued

City of Holyoke Escalates Response in Preparation for Coronavirus Impacts

Mayor creates dedicated response teams to address the local economy, social services and shelter needs caused by Covid-19 The City of Holyoke today announced a new Incident Command Structure designed to rapidly respond to the needs of Holyoke citizens during the COVID-19 public health emergency. Anticipating the volume and complexity of the challenges to come, … Continued

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