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Cadet Training Sessions are usually held starting at 0900 prior to a general meeting and / or following a general meeting. Evening classes may be held at a date and time to be determined by HaPcademy Instructors and approved by the HaPcademy Director.


Cadet Training sessions are scheduled within a 9 to 12 month period to graduate as an Auxiliary Police Officer.


Qualifications and re-fresher courses for Auxiliary Police Officers are conducted as set forth by the HaPcademy Instructors and approved by the HaPcademy Director.


Colonel Jean L. Dietrich / HaPcademy Director

Deputy Chief George F. Kiakis / HaPcademy Advisory

Major Maura A. Shea / HaPcademy Training Coordinator



HaPcademy Instructors


Lieutenant Colonel Francis A. Brunelle / Firearms

Major Maura Shea / Medical / Defensive Tactics

Captain John L. Wessig / Traffic – Cruiser

Lieutenant Paul C. Guilbert / Special Training / Cadets

Sergeant Chris J. Decouteau / Firearms/ Defensive Tactics/ Medical

Patrol Officer Bruce Lincoln/ Medical/ Defensive Tactics

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