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Public Safety: 

Under the new leadership of Mayor Alex Morse and Police Chief James Neiswange, the Holyoke Police Department has seen the evolution of community policing at the Holyoke Police Department.  Over the past year, a Community Policing Substation was opened on the corner of Sargeant Street and Maple street in the Churchill neighborhood. In January of 2013, the community policing unit will expand to the South Holyoke neighborhood on High Street. 

Within the department, community policing efforts have helped to establish a Code Enforcement Officer and aCommunity Relations officer, both designed to develop a stronger relationship with the communities they protect and serve. The Code Enforcement Officer will enforce local ordinances around trash, littler, noise, signage, landscaping and other quality of life issues while the Community Relations officer will work diligently with the elderly, community groups, businesses and citizens on community related issues.   

The Mobile Community Policing Unit was launched in the fall of 2012. The purpose of the MCP is to focus on “hot spots” throughout the City and enable Officers to meet citizens and create a plan of action that will remedy the issues of concern for that particular community. 

The Community Policing efforts of the Holyoke Police Department have made 2012 a homicide-free year in the City of Holyoke. (knock on wood)

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