Safe Syringe Disposal Program Text Size

Mayor Alex Morse is proud to announce a collaboration between the City of Holyoke Board of Health and the Center for Education, Prevention and Action (CEPA) called the Safe Syringe Disposal Program. This program is designed to safeguard public safety by offering several means to safely dispose of used syringes and hypodermic needles. Citizens can now drop off “home sharps” in sharps containers at four different locations: Council on Aging at 291 Pine Street, the Holyoke Health Care Pharmacy at 230 Maple Street, the CEPA program headquarters at 330 Canal Street and newly added the DPW building at 63 Canal Street. For a limited time sharps containers are available for free at the City of Holyoke Board of Health.

The Safe Syringe Disposal Program also includes measures for needles discarded on the streets. The Board of Health would like to remind citizens not to physically touch a discarded needle, however, anyone can text the location to the CEPA program at (413) 387-2537 for prompt pick up.

For more information, contact Kate Gallagher from the Board of Health at (413) 322-5595 or via email at


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