Mayor Proposes “Holyoke Reinvestment Bond” to Transform Holyoke Text Size

On Tuesday September 6th, Mayor Alex Morse submitted a sweeping multi-million dollar bond package to the City Council that if approved will result in significant and transformative investments throughout the city.

“This work will no doubt leave a lasting legacy throughout our city, while sending a strong message that Holyoke will continue to invest in itself and in its people. This bond package will help stimulate Holyoke’s economy, create jobs, increase property values, and lead to spin-off economic development activity throughout our community. It will also make our city a more attractive place for residents and businesses – in all of our neighborhoods,” said Mayor Alex Morse.

The Mayor is proposing a long-term bond in the amount of $21,706,000, with the understanding that the actual amount to be formally issued and spent by the city may be significantly less, depending on the city’s ability to secure state and federal grants to offset the costs of projects outlined in his proposal. This spending will also occur over multiple years, as to limit the short-term financial impact on the city. The City Treasurer is currently working with bond counsel to evaluate potential scenarios for the financing of these projects, of which will be reported to the Council at future committee meetings.

This package was created after much consultation with city department heads. Furthermore, many City Councilors, including Council President Jourdain, responded to the Mayor’s request for projects and ideas throughout the last few months, most of which have been included in this proposal.

The Holyoke Reinvestment Bond invests in everything from new, much needed DPW equipment, to citywide streets and sidewalks, to parks and public facilities, to beautification projects that will enliven the community. It also invests in critical municipal upgrades like new voting machines, an updated phone system, and a modern radio communication system for our police, fire and DPW employees. It would invest in traffic lights at dangerous intersections, and invest in a CSO project on Jackson Street mandated by the federal government. Furthermore, it would help continue critical infrastructure investments such as the completion of the Front, Dwight, and Heritage Streets reconstruction project, as well as the continuation of the Canal Walk further down Race Street with a connection to the Willimansett Bridge.

Mayor Morse wrote in his letter to the City Council: “This is no doubt one of the biggest public investments our city will make in years, if not decades. This specific proposal is a testament to our shared values of upholding and improving the great quality of life we have here in Holyoke. I thank you all for your input and I welcome further conversation and debate.”

See below for full accounting of the Mayor’s proposal:

Holyoke Reinvestment Bond




DPW Priority Equipment & Projects


Litter Vacuum



Refuse Truck



Recycling Truck



Frontend loader



Pickup truck with Plow (Parks)



Small FWD Dump Truck with Plow



Traffic Controllers



City Hall Stained Glass Restoration



City Hall Parking Deck



Fuel Depot Concrete Repairs



City Hall/Annex Offices



Recycling Containers for Residents







Roof Projects





DPW Office



Exhibit Hall



Fire Station #3







Sidewalks & Roads





Road Paving







Traffic Signals/Intersections


Design & Construct

Apremont @ Route 202



Cherry @ Homestead



Northampton @ Hampden



Northampton @ Dwight



Pleasant @ Appleton



Pleasant @ Dwight



Pleasant @ Hampden



Speed Radar @ West Franklin







Parks/Public Spaces


New Swimming Pool



Jones Point Tennis Courts



Crosier Tennis Courts



Holyoke High Tennis Courts



Mayer Field



Kinney Field



Rohan Park Spray Pad



Valley Arena Park



Springdale Park Lighting



391 Park



Citywide park benches



Wayfinding/Gateway signs



Solar Trash Compactors







Infrastructure Projects


TOD TIP gap & Front St. Extension



Cabot Gateway Improvements, Design/Build



Jackson Street CSO Project






Non-MSBA Schools Projects







City Clerk


New Voting Machines




Police Department


Police Cars




City Communications


City Phone System



Police/Fire/DPW Radio System







Bond Package Total



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