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Event takes place on July 11, 2017 at 5:30 PM

Are your material costs too high? Are you paying for too many labor hours. What’s driving those bottom lines to be black or red?

We’ll show you how to get information out of that data. We’ll help you understand what’s a good number and what’s bad.

Got some growth plans? How will it affect your business? Will it add to your cash or cost you cash? Even after I know what’s in my financial statements, how can I be sure that my project will be successful?

Join us on July 11 at the at the Greater Holyoke Chamber and get equip with all the tools you need to successfully manage your business’s financials.

The cost for this workshop is $10.00 please follow the link to register.

This workshop is a part of the SPARK Learn Series and is a created in collaboration with our small business community partner SCORE.

Learn more on their Facebook page.

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