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On the evening of December 4, 2012, the Holyoke City Council approved two major initiatives that will help catalyze redevelopment in the Center City. The Holyoke Redevelopment Authority’s (HRA) urban renewal plan entitled, “Connect. Construct. Create.: A Plan for the Revitalization of Center City Holyoke”, received local approval by the Council in order to begin the State’s approval process. Also approved was the Center City Housing Incentive Program (CCHIP), to help draw market rate residential units to the first-four Census Tracts. These two initiatives each received unanimous approval of the City Council and will now be sent to the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) for review and approval.

The HRA’s plan outlines specific actions that the Authority will take over the next twenty years, including 131 parcel acquisitions (92% of which are vacant), infrastructure upgrades and other improvements throughout ten action areas of the first-four Census Tracts. The ten areas are centered around catalytic projects that will be supported with public action to spur private investment. The plan ties together many on-going projects and plans, and will serve as an action strategy for the City and HRA in the coming years. The plan is ambitious yet crucial in ensuring a balanced revitalization of the Center City.

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