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In August of 2015, Celebrate Holyoke is coming back. Last week, I announced a new initiative to revive this weekend-long event. Just two days after launching it, the Celebrate Holyoke 2015 Facebook page had surpassed 1,000 likes. I’ve heard from folks across the community who want to be involved in the planning. People from different walks of life and different political points-of-view have been united in their enthusiasm.

Throughout my time in office, I have emphasized the importance of civic pride to our city’s progress. Instilling civic pride has been my administration’s guiding light—every policy I’ve pursued, whether in economic development, education, or public safety, has been with the ultimate goal of making Holyoke a place people are proud to call home. And I know that just as important as any new investments in our downtown, or any new approach to public safety, is cultivating a sense of shared identity. Many different types of people comprise Holyoke, but we are all Holyoke.

When I first ran for mayor, I made the revival of Celebrate Holyoke part of my platform—not only because of my fond memories of getting food from the vendors and listening to live music, but also because of the importance of civic pride. The idea behind Celebrate Holyoke is simple: Holyoke is a community worth celebrating. The people who live in Holyoke know this to be true. No matter how we may feel about the political issues of the day, Holyokers meet on the common ground of their shared love for this city. Whether you have family ties that go back generations, or have only planted roots here in recent years, you’ve all chosen to be part of what’s happening here. And at this moment in our history, you’ve chosen to be part of our community’s rebirth.

In the coming weeks, the City of Holyoke will be forming a planning a committee for Celebrate Holyoke 2015. This year’s planning committee will work on the logistics of this year’s event and help design a sustainable model for the coming years. If you would like to be on this year’s planning committee, please submit a letter of interest to my office by September 15th.

In Holyoke, we’ve got a lot to offer. We’re doing great things. We all love this place. So let’s celebrate.


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