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A safer Holyoke in 2012: first in 25 years without a recorded homicide.

HOLYOKE, MA – Mayor Alex B. Morse and Holyoke Police Chief James M. Neiswanger are proud to announce that the City of Holyoke has completed a calendar year without a recorded violent murder. This is a historic event for the City of Holyoke and the Holyoke Police Department will be acknowledged at a press conference in the Mayor’s office on Thursday, January 3, 2013 at 10:00 AM.  Holyoke has not seen a year without a violent murder in over 25 years.


Mayor Morse and Chief Neiswanger would like to thank the courageous and diligent Police Officers of the Holyoke Police Department for their time and efforts in keeping the City and its residents safe. The combined efforts of the Patrol Division, Community Policing, Detective Bureau and the Narcotics Bureau enabled the City of Holyoke to obtain this monumental achievement.  The duties and responsibilities of the Holyoke Police Department have and continue to increase with the introduction of various Community Policing efforts, including the creation of a Mobile Community Policing Unit that has been deployed to the City’s “hot spots” for crime, establishing a Code Enforcement Officer and Community Relations Officer, additional Patrols, the purchase of a K-9 unit with plans for 2 more K-9s, additional training, the introduction of Tasers, an aggressive crack down on the narcotics trade by Narcotic Detectives, relentless follow up and investigations by the Detective Bureau and the steadfast leadership of the Holyoke Police Department’s Supervisors.


Mayor Morse and Chief Neiswanger are thankful for the continued funding of the Shannon Grant that has enabled the Holyoke Police Department to field a Gang Suppression Unit.  In addition, the FBI has been extremely helpful with the efforts of their gang task force working throughout the city. 

Mayor Morse and Chief Neiswanger would like to acknowledge the numerous entities that have aided the Holyoke Police Department in its continuing efforts to keep Holyoke safe and keep the criminal element at bay. Mayor Morse and Chief Neiswanger are offering the City’s heartfelt thank you to the following:


FBI Gang Task Force

US Attorney’s Office

District Attorney Mark Mastroianni

Hampden County Task Force

The Massachusetts State Police

Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)

Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF)

The support of the Holyoke City Council


Last but certainly not least, the citizens of Holyoke, who have stepped forward and have taken the initiative to make Holyoke a better and safer city for everyone.


Mayor Morse commented: “Public safety and quality of life issues have been a top priority of mine over the last year. To go an entire year without a homicide, the first year in over 25 years, is a monumental achievement that I am very proud of. I commend Chief Neiswanger and all the men and women at the Holyoke Police Department for keeping Holyoke safe. While we still have more work to do, we are no doubt headed in the right direction. I am fully aware that our ability to attract new residents and new businesses, particularly in the Downtown, depends on our ability to ensure the public’s safety. This is a transformative time in the City of Holyoke, and I call on all Holyoke residents to join us in our efforts to keep moving Holyoke forward.”

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