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Event takes place on March 26, 2013 at 6:00 PM
Parks & Recreation Office, City Hall, Holyoke, MA

  1. Call to Order


  1. Acceptance of Minutes

Commission Meeting held on February 28, 2013.


  1. Correspondence Received:
  • Elizabeth White Chouinard, Acting City Solicitor,

City Liability for Public’s Use of a Skate Park

  • Office of Planning & Development – Public Hearing Notice for March 12, 2013 for a Zone Change Petition:

Section 8.1 of the Zoning Ordinance, Floodplain Overlay District as well as the map of the overlay district, be amended to comply with the federal regulations at 44 CFR 60.3 and the FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Map and Base Flood Elevations, which take effect on July 16, 2013.

  • Holyoke Planning Board – Public Hearing on March 26, 2013 for a site plan review at South Summer Street, Parcel 027-04-006.


  1. City Council Orders Received:
  • Introduced by Councilors Jason Ferreira & Peter Tallman

Ordered, the DPW/Parks and Recreation install multiple garbage receptacles at Avery and Mitchell Fields which are attached to something so they cannot be tipped over or stolen and that once they are installed, that they are emptied on a weekly or regular basis.  Many other City Parks, including Community Field and Kennedy Park have these and they are

Parks & Recreation Commission

March 26, 2013


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emptied on a regular basis.  One, 35 year old, rusted out can at each park which is never emptied isn’t getting the job done.

In City Council, February 19, 2013.


  • Introduced by Councilors Jason Ferreira & Aaron Vega

Ordered, the DPW fix the grass at Avery Field.  The field was severely damaged in the October snow storm and the attempts to remedy this have not fixed the problem.

In City Council, February 19, 2013.


      5.  Budget

  • Received from Brian Smith, City Auditor: Revolving Funds Re-Authorization form.   Director Shepard submitted the completed form to the City Auditor.


  1. New England Collegiate Baseball League
  • Default of Contractual Obligations
  • Lease Agreement for 2013.


  1. New Business
  • Ward 3 Park Concerns


  1. Old Business


  1. Next Meeting Date


10.  Adjournment


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