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Event takes place on June 11, 2013 at 6:30 AM
Holyoke City Hall: Council Chambers

Ordinance Committee Agenda for June 11, 2013

Members Present: Lisi, Alexander, Bresnahan, Vacon, Jourdain


1.            BRESNAHAN (2/19/13)

Ordered, that Order that a representative from the Law Dept and License board appear before Council to explain MGL chapter 138 section 12 paragraph 15 with respect to the sale of Cordials for holders of Beer and Wine licenses within the City of Holyoke.




2.            Councilor Lopez (2-16-2010, tabled from 5/8/12)

the Ordinance Committee and the Licensing Board meet to put some requirements before issuing Seasonal Licenses and extending Seasonal Licensing

1)            Notification of residents and City Council for both applying and extending licensing

2)            Fire Dept inspection prior of issuing any Seasonal Licensing or extending an existing one

3)            Number of Seasonal Licenses & Extension request

4)            Limiting the number of Extensions

5)            Limiting the number of Seasonal Licensing




3.            Councilor Lopez (2-16-2010, tabled from 5/8/12)

Article VII License Board – Sec. 2-600 Notification to City Councilors, Police, Building, Fire Depts.  The license board shall notify all city councilors, at least seven days prior to any license board meeting on the following:

1)            All requests for an alcoholic beverage license

2)            All alcoholic beverage license renewals, Seasonal & Extension

3)            All transfers of ownership of an alcoholic beverage license

4)            All changes of location for an alcoholic beverage license

5)            all requests for a used car sales license, &

6)            All requests for an automobile repair license.

(Ord. of 9-4-01 (46th amd.) & 1)               




4.            Councilor Lopez (2-02-2010, tabled from 5/8/12)

That the License Board Commissioners, Building Dept., Legal Department, Chief Scott & Board of Health Director come to the Ordinance Committee to discuss:

a)            Enforcement of City Ordinances

b)            Violations issues for 2009

c)            Process for revoking a Used Sales License or Special Permit




5.            Councilor Lopez (2-02-2010, tabled from 5/812)

That the License Commissioners report to the Chief of Police any violations or that the License Commissioners legally designate a person (s) to handle enforcement of the City Ordinances.




6.            VEGA (2/7/12, tabled from 3/27/12)

Ordered, that Section 2-600 be further amended to create a more efficient way to notify city councilors and other city departments of all applications before the license board in light of the fact that the open meeting law requires that the agenda be posted only 48 hours prior to the meeting. The current ordinance requires 7 day notice, which leaves a gap between when councilors are notified and when the actual meeting agenda is posted. The license board should be invited to an ordinance committee meeting to discuss.




7.            Councilor Lopez (3-1-2011, continued from 2/26/13)

Section 6.4.3 Special regulations be amended to allow for a waiver and for a better definition of Electronic signs. 6. Electronic signs. No sign or advertising device shall, in any district, incorporate or be lighted by, flashing, scrolling or blinking lights, or be designed to attract attention by change in light intensity or direction, or by repeated mechanical or electrical motion. Fixed banners or electronic signs using changeable lights to convey the time, temperature, shall be exempt from this prohibition.



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