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Event takes place on May 28, 2013 at 6:30 PM
Holyoke City Hall, Council Chambers



                                 HOLYOKE, MASSACHUSETTS

                                      Notice of Committee Meeting


There will be a Regular Meeting of the Committee on



At the City Council Chambers on Tues. May 28, 2013

At 6:30P.M. Joint Public Hearing with Planning Board at 7:00

Per order of the Chairperson: Rebecca Lisi




  1. From Heather G. Egan, City Solicitor, legal opinion re: Procedural question from the Mayor regarding Ordinance committee.



  1. Petition of Nancy L. Marshall for a zone change at Lot 129 Lower Westfield Rd. (closed 5/14/13)



  1. Petition of Robert L. Jubinville for a Zone Change at 1789 Northampton St. (closed 5/14/13)



  1. JOURDAIN (10/30/12, closed 4/23/13)

Ordered, that That the Zoning Ordinance at Appendix A at Sections 6.4.5 (6) & 6.4.6 regulating political signs be amended by deletion or amendment in order to bring them into legal compliance, if possible.



  1. ALEXANDER  (closed 2/12/13)

Ordered, that Whereas: The City Zoning Ordinance sec 4.6 is inadequate to properly regulate fencing, and whereas there is also reference to fencing in sec 54.12 of the Code of Ordinances

Ordered: That Sec 54.12 of the Code of Ordinances (this section prohibits razor wire fences) be struck in its entirety, and replaced by a new section of the Zoning Ordinance, and further:

That Zoning Ordinance sec 4.6 (FENCES) be struck in its entirety and replaced by alternate text to be provided to the Council.



  1. LISI (2/5/13, continued from 4/23/13)

Ordered that Section 8.1 of the Zoning Ordinance, Flood plain Overlay District as well as the map of the overlay district, be amended to comply with the federal regulations at 44 CFR 60.3 and the FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Map and Base Flood Elevations, which take effect on July 16, 2013.



  1. VACON  (8/7/12, tabled 4/23/13)

Ordered, that The City Council request DPW to replace the yield sign at the Rt. 202 to Homestead   Ave cut through (near the two mini-malls) with a stop sign. There have been accidents and a number of near misses due to drivers traveling at high speeds through the yield sign.



  1. BRESNAHAN (12/18/12)

Ordered, that the DPW look into placing either a stop sign or yield sign at the crossroads of Homestead Ave eastbound and Route 202 Southbound This signage will require motorists to either yield or stop before turning right onto Homestead Ave heading South



  1. BARTLEY, Tallman (3/5/13, tabled 4/23/13)

Ordered, that a 30 Minute Parking Only sign be placed in front of 566 South St.



  1. LISI (9/25/12, tabled 4/23/13)

Ordered, that the DPW and City Engineer assess whether Taylor St. has the appropriate signage indicating that it is a Dead End and if it should have a lower speed limit than 30 mph given that it is a dead end street. Residents are complaining that speeding cars are coming down the block and making dangerous U-turns at the end of the street.



  1. WELCH (12/20/11, tabled ?)

Ordered, that That Holyoke Community College remove all Bus Stop signs throughout the city. These so called Bus Stops have not been approved by the City Council as required by ordinance.



  1. LISI (5/21/13)

Ordered, that the City Council Committee on Ordinance review the existing PVTA and HCC bus stops in the City under 86-326 and delete and/or update that list as necessary (per request of the city engineer).



  1. SOTO, McGee_T, McGiverin, Tallman, Vacon (9/25/12)

Ordered, that a bus stop be established on Pine and Sargeant St. to serve the Senior Center being built at 291 Pine St.



  1. BARTLEY (10/16/12, tabled 12/11/12)

Ordered, that Due to a recent accident at South St. in which a homeowner was severely injured, the neighbors would like (a) to install a cross-walk from the South St. Shopping Plaza and (b) relocate the PVTA bus stop.



  1. BARTLEY (3/5/13, tabled 4/23/13)

Ordered, that In an effort to mitigate sign pollution in ward 3, direct the DPW to remove the following superfluous signage from the streets of Elmwood, specifically those along length of South St. from Northampton St. to the Route 391 interchange: the numerous “Right Turn Only” and “Left Turn Only” signs which clutter the sidewalk and which only mimic the painted marking on the road.



  1. ALEXANDER, Tallman (11/20/12)

Ordered, that Whereas: The intersection of Nonotuck and Allyn Streets is dangerous, low, visibility, and adjacent to a park/playground, Ordered: That a 3-way STOP be created at this intersection with appropriate signage



  1. ALEXANDER (4/2/13, tabled 4/23/13)

Ordered, that Whereas: The current process for road closures provides no process for input from the affected parties nor any appeal process


Ordered: That the Council create an Ordinance governing road closures for (a) emergency, (b) construction/maintenance, (c) public events and (d) private uses, including Council issuance of a Special Permit as appropriate.



  1. BARTLEY (5/7/13)

Ordered, that City Council refer to its Ordinance Committee an ordinance change to install either a 2-way or 4-way STOP sign at the intersection of King and Queen Streets.

Committee to consider leaving the intersection as is, installing a 2-way or a 4-way stop sign.



  1. BARTLEY (5/21/13)

The City Council refer to its Ordinance Committee an ordinance change to create a “Police Only” parking space, with any appropriate signage, at the top of John St. on the north side of the street. This is located near the High St. police substation.



  1. SOTO (5/7/13)

Ordered, that the DPW remove the handicap signage in front of 66 Taylor Street.



Ryan M. Allen: Administrative Assistant

The listing of matters are those reasonably anticipated by the chair which may be discussed at the meeting. Not all items listed may in fact be discussed and other items may also be brought up for discussion to the extent permitted by law.
































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