License Board Commission Text Size

Event takes place on March 13, 2013 at 6:00 PM
4th Floor Conference Room City Hall Annex Holyoke MA

City of Holyoke

License Board Commission


March 13, 2013

6:00 p.m.


1.  Approval of minutes                                                         February 13, 2013


2.  Special License                                                                 Jahaira Rosario

                                                                                                *Doble Seis*


                                                                                                Michael Rigali

                                                                                                *The Clover Pub*


                                                                                                Orla Mitchell

                                                                                                *Mrs. Mitchells Kitchen*


                                                                                                Peter Rosskothen

                                                                                                *The Log Cabin*


                                                                                                Matthew McDonough

                                                                                                *Francie’s Tavern*


                                                                                                Patrick Brennan

                                                                                                *Brennan’s Place*


                                                                                                Eileen Cavanaugh

                                                                                                *Boys & Girls Club*


                                                                                                Brendan Ciecko


                                                                                                Jorge L. Neves


                                                                                                David Scher


3. Seasonal Alcohol License Renewal                                   Bamboo House

                                                                                                2223 Northampton St.


                                                                                                Shop N Go

                                                                                                915 Main St.


                                                                                                A & A Shell

                                                                                                820 High St.


                                                                                                Hamel’s Catering

                                                                                                555 Northampton St.


                                                                                                The Dam Café

                                                                                                2014 Northampton St.

                                                                                                Homewood Suites

                                                                                                375 Whitney Ave.


                                                                                                Dino’s Pizza Restaurant

                                                                                                615 Homestead Ave.


                                                                                                Archie’s Mini Market

                                                                                                81 N. Bridge St.


                                                                                                Wyckoff Banquet

                                                                                                233B Easthampton Rd.


                                                                                                Jose O. bou

                                                                                                Salsarengue Restaurant


                                                                                                TNT Pizza

                                                                                                 548 South St.


                                                                                                Holyoke Country Club

                                                                                                Northampton Hwy.


4.  New Alcohol License                                                        J.D. Wal Inc. d/b/a     

                                                                                                Dino’s Pizza Restaurant

                                                                                                615 Homestead Ave.


5.  Class II License Renewal                                                  F&M Motors Sales

                                                                                                414A South St.


                                                                                                3 Brothers Auto Sales

                                                                                                522 Maple St.


6.  Repair License Renewal                                                    3 Brothers Auto Sales

                                                                                                522 Maple St.


7. Change of Officer/Director                                                            Ruby Tuesday

                                                                                                Holyoke Mall At Ingleside


8.  Old Business                                                                      Pat’s Liquors

                                                                                                7 Cabot St. 

                                                                                                *Suspension Appeal*


9.  Adjourn









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