Planning and Economic Development

The Office of Planning & Economic Development's mission is to manage programs and provide services that fulfill the immediate needs and long-term vision for the physical, economic and environmental development of the city, such as:

  • Permitting – Subdivisions, Site Plan Review, Special Permits
  • Zoning and Land Use Inquires
  • Comprehensive Planning - Master Plan, Urban Renewal Plans
  • Brownfields clean-up
  • Business promotion and incentives


By serving as the staff to following boards and committees, the Office of Planning & Economic Development is well equipped to assist in your development needs, whether subdividing a lot, or relocating your business to the City of Holyoke:


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Jeffrey Burkott - Principal Planner


John Dyjach - Assistant Director of Economic Development


Jeffrey Bianchine - Creative Economy Coordinator


Tessa Murphy-Romboletti - Development Specialist


Sharon Konstantinidis - Head Administrative Clerk for Planning Department


Rosemary Simonich - Head Admin Clerk


Lois Kudla - Business Projects Manager


Debbie Oppermann - Senior Project Manager


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Ordinances & Maps

The Office of Planning & Economic Development is the keeper of the Zoning Ordinance and Official Zoning Map and other Maps for the City. 


Plans and Projects

Find more information on plans and projects happening around the City. 



For a quick listing of all the Applications and documents from the Office of Planning & Economic Development, click here. 



If you’re thinking about making an investment in your business but need help taking the risk, there may be incentives offered by the city based on the type and size of your investment.



Here are a number of external resources that you may find helpful for the various issues related to running a business.


Real Estate & Site Selection

If you are looking to relocate or expand your business within the City of Holyoke, there are various resources to help you find available property.


 There shall be established a board of appeals in accordance with the provisions of section 811 of chapter 211 of the Acts of 1936, to consist of three members and three associate members, to be appointed and confirmed in accordance with the provisions of such chapter.  The board of appeals shall also act as a board of appeals under both the building and zoning ordinances of the City.

Rosemary Simonich – 413-322-5655  
Jeffrey Burkott – 413-322-5575  
Board of Appeals Members Documents
Elbert Bowler, Member – term expires Jul. 1, 2018 Agendas & Minutes
Josh Knox – Chair – term expires Jul. 1 2016 Zoning Ordinance
 Mary Louise Monahan – Member- term expires July 1, 2018 Variance Application
  Checklist for Variance Elligibility




Holyoke is experiencing a renaissance as a community of artists and creative entrepreneurs have embraced the city’s center as their home and workplace. Old mill buildings that sat idle as reminders of former industrial might have been repurposed to export intellectual products to regional, national and global markets. The list of creative industries in Holyoke has grown to include – graphic and video game designers, architects and restoration artists, advertising and marking professionals, writers and publishers, internationally touring dance troupes, photographers, musicians and film makers – to name just a few. The Office of Planning and Economic Development is dedicated to supporting the growth of creative industries in Holyoke and highlighting the city as a place for art, culture and innovation.

More information about Holyoke’s Creative Economy initiatives as well as links to resources and information can be found on the Creative Economy Support Page at


Holyoke Economic Development and Industrial Corporation


The Holyoke Economic Development and Industrial Corporation (HEDIC) is chartered under Chapter 121C of the Massachusetts General Laws.  Projects are detailed in an Economic Development Plan which require approval of the Mayor and City Council.  HEDIC has the authority to buy and sell property, manage projects, approve financing and assist private developers.  HEDIC administers the Holyoke Industrial Development Loan Program to assist new and expanding companies meet their capital needs.  HEDIC is grantee of Foreign Trade Zone #201 which helps businesses realize import and export savings.   The HEDIC works in conjunction with the Office of Planning and Development to improve economic conditions in the City of Holyoke.


John Dyjach – 413-322-5655  
HEDIC Board Members  Documents
Carl Eger, Jr. – Chairperson – term expires June 30, 2019 Agenda & Minutes
Michael Murphy – Vice Chairperson - term expires June 30, 2016 By-Laws
Joseph McGiverin – Treasurer - term expires June 30, 2016  
Matthew Mainville – Clerk - term expires June 30, 2019  
David Bartley – Member - term expires June 30, 2017  
Programs Available Real Estate
HEDIC Industrial Loan Whiting Farms Road (11 Acres)
Foreign Trade Zone Appleton-Main-Race Street
HUB Zone Designation Kelley Way-Bobala Road





The Holyoke Planning Board is responsible for protecting the health and safety of Holyoke residents while balancing the rights of property owners through the consideration of project submittals, public testimony, and city department comments in conjunction with the laws established for regulating such development through the ZONING ORDINANCE, Massachusetts General Law (MGL), Chapter 41, Section 81A, and MGL Chapter 40A. The establishment of municipal Planning Boards is authorized by Massachusetts General Law, chapter 41, section 81A. Among its many diverse roles, the Planning Board is charged with the following duties, paraphrased here from the Mass. General Law:


  • Adopting a master plan and official map of the city
  • Serving as the local authority for the Subdivision Control Act; adopting Rules and Regulations governing the subdivision of land in the City of Holyoke; reviewing all preliminary and definitive plan submittals.
  • Serving, in some instances, as the Special Permit Granting Authority
  • Serving as Site Plan Review Authority
  • Conducting studies, and, when necessary, preparing plans of the resources, possibilities and needs of the city for submittal to the City Council for their consideration
  • Drafting and submitting zoning amendments for consideration by the municipality. When a zoning amendment has been put forward, the Planning Board holds a public hearing jointly with the City Council Ordinance Committee and reports its recommendation to the City Council.


Sharon Konstantinidis - Head Clerk  
(413) 322-5575  
Jeffrey Burkott – Principal Planner  
(413) 322-5575  
Planning Board Members                    Documents
Mimi Panitch – Chairperson, term expires – 7/1/16 Agendas & Minutes
Christian LaChappelle – Vice Chair, term expires – 7/1/18 Subdivision Documents
Eileen Regan – Secretary, term expires – 7/1/19 ZONING ORDINANCE
John Kelley – Member – term expires – 7/1/17 Site Plan Review Documents
  Special Permit Documents
Harry Montalvo – Associate Member, term expires – 6/30/16  



 Holyoke Redevelopment Authority


 The City of Holyoke is in the midst of a number of public and private initiatives intended to redevelop many parts of the downtown area and surrounding neighborhoods. To initiate and coordinate a comprehensive revitalization effort in this area, the City of Holyoke established the Holyoke Redevelopment Authority (HRA) in February 2008.  Chartered under Chapter 121B, the HRA has the powers to plan and implement activities needed to redevelop underutilized, deteriorated or blighted areas, to encourage new development, promote growth, create tax revenue, and create new jobs in the City of Holyoke.


Tessa Murphy-Romboletti – 413-322-5655  
HRA Board Members Documents
Gladys Lebron-Martinez – Chairperson - term expires Nov.1, 2017 Agendas & Minutes

Thomas Creed – Vice Chairperson - term expires Nov. 1, 2016

HRA By-Laws – Amended

Maria Ferrer - Treasurer – term expires Nov. 2016

Carl Eger, Jr. - Vice Treasurer - term expires Nov. 2019  
John Whelihan – Member – Governor Appointee -term expires Sept. 2020  
Urban Renewal Plan – Connect. Construct. Create. (2012)  
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Department Head

Marcos A. Marrero

Marcos A. Marrero

Director of Planning & Economic Development

Office Address

City Hall Annex, Room 406
20 Korean Veterans Plaza
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Office of Planning & Economic Development

413-322-5575 / 413-322-5655

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