Council on Aging

We believe that we offer a great gathering place -- a place to meet friends, create opportunities, and make new connections!

As a community focal point for older adult services, the Council on Aging provides a variety of programs aimed at supporting independence, enhancing dignity, and encouraging community involvement.  We offer a wide range of education, wellness, and social services, as well as transportation, weekday meals, recreational classes, and social opportunities.  As a community resource, the Council on Aging assists family and friends who are entrusted with caring for older adults.

We are here for you.  Come visit us today!


Eileen Maginnis - Assistant Director

(413) 322-5625

Carla Neiswanger - Volunteer Coordinator

(413) 322 5625

TBA - Social Worker

(413) 322 5625

Magdaly Martinez - Social Worker

(413) 322 5625

Kathleen Blanchard - Health Promotion Coordinator

(413) 322 5625

Margaret Lemire - LPN

(413) 322 5625

Ann Marie Jackowski - Cook

(413) 322 5625

Ann Kosior - Kitchen Helper
Cindy Demers - Kitchen Helper
Rob Deza - Dispatcher

(413) 322 5625

Maureen Charest - Driver
Raul Loayza Galvan - Driver

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The Council on Aging designs, promotes and implements services for Holyoke’s elderly, persons sixty years and older.  The Council members are appointed for one-year terms by the Mayor. All terms expire August 28, 2017.




Susan Aiken

Norma Bagnall

Brian Fitzgerald

Cynthia Archer

Jacqueline Brown-Hazard

Barbara Sbrega

Julita Rojas

Kyong Cruz

Margaret Sikop

Richard Quenneville

Nicole Perrier

Ruben Urbina

The Council on Aging offers daily programs and activities that are designed to meet the social, nutritional, and health needs of Holyoke’s senior citizens.


We offer everything from art classes to Zumba.  Ongoing activities are listed below.  View the full June newsletter for special events, holiday closings, class cancellations, and announcements.


Coming July 11:
CraftClass 2017



8:30 & 10:00  -  Arthritis Exercise
9:30 – Fun & Fit: Circuit
11:45 – 3:00  -  Band Rehearsals
1:00  -  Chair Volleyball
1:30  -  Fun with Writing

Rep. Aaron Vega Office Hours-Second Monday of the month unless otherwise noted, 11:30am

Memory Café-Second Monday of the month, 12:30pm
A chance to bring loved ones with memory issues to a safe space with conversation and activity.
Facilitated by Karen Harper & Sharon Connor



8:30 & 9:45  -  Osteo Exercise
9:30  -  Painting
12:15  -  At the Movies
  -  Instructional Mah Jongg
12:45  -  Zumba
2:00  -  Chair Yoga
3:00  -  Mat Yoga

Ask the Nurse-Second Tuesday of the month, unless otherwise noted, 12:15p



8:30 & 10:00  -  Arthritis Exercise
9:00  -  Needles & Hooks Club
10:00  -  Chair Massage
 -  Blood Pressure Clinic
12:00  -  Painting
12:30  -  Pitch
1:00  -  Golden Senior Club
4:00  -  Course in Miracles
5:30  -  Fun and Fit

Rainbow Supper Club-First Wednesday of the month, 5:00pm

Men’s Group- First and Third Wednesday of the month, 9:30am



8:30 & 9:45  -  Osteo Exercise
9:30  -  Painting
10:00  -  QiGong
11:00  -  Tai Chi
12:00  -  Model Train Group
12:30  -  Pitch
12:30  -  Learn to Knit *HIATUS* Returning September 7
12:30  -  Writing Your Life Story
1:00  -  Reunion Social
1:00  -  Line Dancing
3:00 – Caregivers’ Support Group *HIATUS* Please contact us if you are interested in participating in the future

Foot Care-Third Thursday of the month, 11:00am



9-11:30  -  Ceramics Club
9:00  -  Fun and Fit
10:00  -  Chair Yoga
12:30  -  Scrabble Club
1:00  -  Bingo (no cards sold after 1:00pm)

Brown Bag-Fourth Friday of the month, 2:15pm



 COA June 2017 calendar

Please be sure to check out our ongoing classes as well.  Browse the new offerings page for information about recently added classes and activities, parties, and other one-time events.






COA June 2017 menu






 COA June 2017 menu espanol

Upcoming Events/Announcements


Thank You to the Volunteers!
This year our volunteer appreciation breakfast falls on June 1st. We’d like to take a moment to recognize all of the hard work that seniors do to help the center run smoothly. From staffing the front desk and café, to helping in the kitchen and with programs, and even watering plants, we extend our most sincere gratitude. We mean it when we say we could not do it without each of you. Be sure to thank a volunteer next time you see one!


Sun’s Out, Umbrellas Up!
I spy, with my little eye, umbrellas on the patio! With summer sun coming our way, feel free to eat lunch, read a book or just chat with friends under one of our umbrellas. Out there, you’ll find bricks in the pavement with names of folks who donated to help fund construction of our beautiful space. Take advantage while the warm weather is upon us!


Spotlight: Tai Chi vs. QiGong
Thursdays at 10am and 11am respectively
The differences between Tai Chi and QiGong are subtle, as they are both healing arts originating in China thousands of years ago. QiGong is a practice that has its focus on cultivating, circulating, and harmonizing Qi (energy). The idea is to first balance the body itself as a whole, and then balance the body within the backdrop of one’s environment. Tai Chi, although related, is fundamentally a martial art. Some forms of QiGong do promote physical characteristics useful for martial arts, but in comparison, QiGong lacks the attack and defense principles contained in the Tai Chi postures. Essentially, they work off the same principles, but Tai Chi uses martial arts movements. For more information, stop in to either class, as your first one is free!


Ceramics: Build a Bird for Free!
Every Friday from 9:00 – 11:00am
Believe it or not, ceramics are for everyone! If you’ve ever thought about giving it a try, this is your chance. Stop by any Friday for ceramics class and our instructor, artist Mary-Anne Benns, will help you sculpt, glaze and fire two birds, one to keep and one to add to a totem that will be displayed on the patio. This is a free opportunity open to all seniors.


Free Smoke Alarm Installation
The Red Cross and the Holyoke Fire Department are installing free smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. If you need a lifesaving smoke alarm, Holyoke residents are encouraged to call Fire Prevention at (413)534-2254 or (413) 534-2250 to arrange an appointment.


No Smoking Policy
You may have noticed a new sign on our exterior that reads No Smoking. The policy itself is not new, as there is no smoking on any city property. We kindly remind you that smokers should walk to the sidewalk on the edge of the property.

Rainbow Supper Club

First Wednesday of every month from 5pm – 7pm
Dinner served at 5:30pm
All LGBT seniors age 60 years and older are invited, along with their younger partners, friends and allies for dinner at the Holyoke Senior Center. Suggested is a confidential, voluntary donation of $2.25 for those individuals age 60 years or older, with a $6.00 fee for guests under the age of 60 years. We hope to see you there! Reservations are required.To make a reservation, please call WestMass ElderCare’s Nutrition Department at 413-538-9020, or email


Upcoming Holiday Closings

Independence Day – Tuesday, July 4


Other Notes

Next Brown Bag Distributions
Brown Bag is distributed on the 4th Tuesday of every month between 2:15 and 3:15pm.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017
Tuesday, June 27, 2017
Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Movies: Tuesdays, 12:15 p.m.

June 6 - Mrs. Doubtfire (1993)

June 13 – Some Like it Hot (1959)
June 20 – The Bucket List (2007)
June 27 – Glory (1989)
July 4 – Senior Center CLOSED



Department Head

Navae Fenwick Rodriguez

Executive Director

Office Address

291 Pine Street
Holyoke, MA 01040 Map

Contact Info

Main Office

(413) 322 5625

(413) 534 2210 (fax)

Office Hours

Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 4:00 pm (Wednesday until 6:30 pm)

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