City Auditor

The mission of the Office of the City Auditor is to provide accurate, timely and consistent financial accounting, budgeting and reporting by means of maintaining a current general ledger and performing periodic reconciliations of key accounts.  This objective, coupled with execution of local ordinances and Massachusetts General Laws related to fiscal matters, allows the city to maintain a proper sense of its financial status.

The Office of the City Auditor is responsible for performing various tasks on a regular basis.  Some of those tasks include:

  • Accounting for all financial transactions in the city’s general ledger as they occur.
  • Review and approval of contracts in regards to the availability of funds to pay these commitments.
  • Review and approval of payrolls and vendor invoices in regards to proper general ledger accounting and availability of funds.
  • Review and recording of all revenue received.
  • Preparation and analysis of annual budget data for actions by the mayor and city council.
  • Preparation and analysis of financial statements that are subject to independent audit and used by banks, bond rating agencies and various federal and state entities.
  • Coordination of the annual independent audit of the city’s financial statements.
  • Preparation and certification of various data used in the annual tax rate setting process.
Susan Padilla - Assistant City Auditor

Debra Della Penna - Head Administrative Clerk

Susan Sheehan - Head Administrative Clerk

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Some helpful links

MA Department of Revenue, Division of Local Services      
 A good source for state financial information which directly relates to each city or town.  Here you can find “Cherry Sheets” (state-aid to municipalities), MA General Laws, numerous reports on various tax and other relevant data for each municipality, and a link to the Bureau of Accounts where other tax and financial information is available for viewing.

These documents represent the results of the annual independent financial audit for each respective fiscal year.
FY2015 Financial Statements for the City of Holyoke:

    FY2015 Audited Financial Statements City of Holyoke, MA   
     FY2015 Federal “Single Audit” – City of Holyoke, MA

FY2014 Financial Statements for the City of Holyoke:
FY2011 Financial Statements for the City of Holyoke:
FY2010 Financial Statements for the City of Holyoke:
These documents represent the annual departmental budgets adopted by the city effective on July 1 of each respective fiscal year.
City of Holyoke Appropriations Budget for Fiscal Year July 1, 2016 to June 30th, 2017:
City of Holyoke Appropriations Budget for Fiscal Year July 1, 2014 to June 30th, 2015:
City of Holyoke Appropriations Budget for Fiscal Year July 1, 2013 to June 30th, 2014:
City of Holyoke Appropriations Budget for Fiscal Year July 1, 2012 to June 30th, 2013:

The following document is provided to  guide to all employees regarding various financial issues for which questions seem to arise on a fairly regular basis. From travel expenses to education and training, we provide information…including forms!

Please download our manual for detailed information:

Fiscal Policies Manual

Department Head

Bellamy Schmidt

Acting City Auditor

Office Address

20 Korean Veterans Plaza
Room 101
Holyoke, MA 01040-5000 Map

Contact Info

Main Office

(413) 322-5585

(413) 322-5586 (fax)

Office Hours

Monday - Friday
8:30 - 4:30 pm

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